Total War: ROME 2

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by LeGenDaryX, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Anyone plays this game (cracked) ?

    I wanna try some of this stuff against someone. Via tunngle (virtual lan).

    Hawk is already downloading this too. Its pretty awesome. Maybe we could do some 2vs2 battles.

    Its a strategy games with HUGE armies.

    Armies like Rome, Sparta or Gaul and many more!
  2. DavidSausage

    DavidSausage Guest

    I played the first one :D

    I was planning on playing Rome 2 but it was too expensive for a 14 year old :p

    I'll try to find a cracked version e-e
  3. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

  4. thapenguin

    thapenguin Guest

    So its free ima download it soon :p
  5. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    hehe yeah its free :p
  6. Konner

    Konner Guest

    Imma pwn all you noobs > :)
  7. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

    Naah you wont, im experienced bitch.
  8. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Your too young to have experienced real war!

    Im a Veteran. Fought in many battles.

    I Will destroy any of you!!
  9. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

    Hahaha, but i played Rome Total War 1 a lot. I even played it yesterday to refresh my tactics so ican pwn u
  10. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Hahah nice, i finished rome total war 1, medieval total war 1 and 2. Also Played some alexander total war. Played some shogun total war 1 and 2. And even played a bit of empire total war.

    You sure u are ready for this? :p
  11. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

    yes haha
  12. Theshaheen1

    Theshaheen1 Guest

  13. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

    I played age of empires as well, 2HD and 3.

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