The Strongest Hero's at the moment!

Discussion in 'Heroes RPG Classes' started by Masterxlord, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    Hi all

    Here is a list with the best/strongest hero's at the moment if you realy want to be something in pvp be sure to master atleast one of these

    1. Hunter (only for donators and mods (i think).

    Strong against: Enemys from a large distance.

    Best skill(s):

    1. Sealingshot (lvl 20)

    2. Sharpshot (lvl 30)

    3. Arrowstorm(lvl 45)

    Weakness: None (hit it with everything you got).

    2. Dragoon

    Strong against: Enemys at medium range

    Best skill(s):

    1. Bolt (lvl 10)

    2. Harmtouch (lvl 30)

    3. Storm* (lvl 50)

    Weakness: Silence spell

    3. Darkfighter

    Strong against: Enemys that dont have much space to move.

    Best skill(s):

    1. Hadouken (lvl 20)

    2. Kamehameha (lvl 30)

    3. SuperSaiyan (lvl 50)

    Weakness: Enemys that have high mobility (superjump,jump)

    4. Necromancer (only donators)

    Strong against: Enemys at close range

    Best skill(s):

    1. V0lcanicStrom (lvl 30)

    2. Heatwave (lvl 45)

    3. CracklingThunder (lvl 60)

    Weakness: Very large range attacks (Hunter)

    5. Gladiator

    Strong against: Enemys that are close

    Best skill(s):

    1. Fury (lvl 35)

    2. FalconPunch (lvl 50)

    Weakness: Large or medium range attacks

    I will update this every week XD

    Cya Masterxlord

    *Use storm in combo with stun.... :p
  2. DavidSausage

    DavidSausage Guest

    Mods don't have Hunter ( or any other donor class ) the only way to get it is to pay for it.

    Good job by the way,I like your list :p
  3. Creeper_Bros01

    Creeper_Bros01 Guest

    Oh Wait Mods should have access to all the donor Class ;3 xD
  4. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    [QUOTE="DavidSausage]Mods don't have Hunter ( or any other donor class ) the only way to get it is to pay for it.Good job by the way,I like your list :p

    [/QUOTE]Thx :D
  5. thapenguin

    thapenguin Guest

    u should put dragoon #1 necromancer #2 hunter #3
  6. pugman4

    pugman4 Guest

    yeah you forgot necromancer but great list for people who are starting out
  7. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    hmm i dont know a lot about necormancer but i will ask around.

    But Hunter is stronger then dragoon because of the fact that it does realy a lot of damage. If you aim good you can kill alot of people ask thapenquin........
  8. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    Ok people its updated:

    Update notes:

    1. Dragoon is now at place 2.

    2. Added Necromancer at place 4 (Gladiator is now place 5)

    3. Added best skills with there lvls
  9. Rylver

    Rylver Guest

    you forgot to add bleed on gladiator is to op with serrated strikes (mcmmo swords skills)
  10. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    ok thanks for the information i will add it today.

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