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    IGN (In Game Name): Adam_hassan

    Age: 19

    Timezone: GMT

    Languages: English , Spanish

    Requested staff position: Helper

    Playtime: 5-10 Hours a day - a total of 2 days 13 Hours 38 Mins i joined 1 week ago

    Bans: Permanently Banned = Griefing a old hub that i found dew to a button/sign warp i found whilst exploring in RPG . I got a bit carried away on looting the place and got caught by "my snek" after he realised where i was and what i was doing.I only took iron blocks and a bit of wood to sell . My Snek came to me , killed me then i got banned along with a player called 'aleksisrsyt' .

    Reason why i would be a good staff member: I often play till late hours and this is a time where existing staff are not online to punish hackers.As a staff member I can contribute by being available during hours at which existing staff cannot. Moreover,in most situations new players who are confused often quit or give up too easily,as a staff member I will be able to help, guide and encourage them,such actions will lead to the gradual increase in server traffic.I have come to appreciate that helping new players is something I find interesting to do.You should pick me,because I am a reliable person,who has always worked to the best of my abilities I also want to help maintain a safe gaming environment for all members.I have learned from my mistakes and know from right to wrong .

    Thanks If you Read This (And a extra thanks if you accept me)

    From Adam_hassan
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