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    Hi, my name is Killarry and i want to apply for staff. Hope you like it!!

    IGN : Killarry

    Age : 15

    TimeZone : GMT+(0)

    Languages : English, French, Arabic.

    Requested Staff Position : Helper / Mod

    Playtime On Server : Everday At 12AM to 13AM and from 18PM to 22PM 10h in holidays or more./ 3days 4hr 

    Any previous bans you got with reason why : Never Got a ban.

    Explain why you will be a great addition to the staff : I have been admin on 2 servers, but they are offline a long time ago. I think i can help on a lot of stuff here. And im very active on the server, as i said in Playtime On Server. And Im Helpful to new players (That's What They Think).

                                                                                                                                                                                   Best Regards . Killarry .
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