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Discussion in 'Heroes RPG Classes' started by Theshaheen1, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Theshaheen1

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    The champion class is UNFAIR. No class can come close to beating it. I have beaten a champion before (thapenguin) but this was only once. May I remind you I was using DragonKnight another donator class. I understand that these classes are supposed to be more powerful than the others but not UNKILLABLE. What really makes this class overpowered is the double combos. They do 8 DAMAGE per hit. On a diamond armor class I believe. Plus with zephyr that has 8 seconds cooldown while most have 20. And may I remind everyone of cracklingthunder, which does another 6 dmg. This class can easily 2v1 the anyone and probably 1v3. So what needs to be taken away to NERF this class?

    1. Get rid of the double combos. This is supposed to have some delay when hitting. It has NONE. So basically 8 damage every hit.

    2. Completely get rid of zephyr. This 20 damage and gives a 10 second stun. Paired with double combos the player using Champion does not even need to hit someone.

    3. The armor is WAY too good for the damage output for a bow with 9 damage.

    This class is just way unfair. Legendaryx please nerf it.
  2. Creeper_Bros01

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  3. PreyArch

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    i also agree
  4. redpop

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    i think everyone agrees
  5. Theshaheen1

    Theshaheen1 Guest

    Well everyone agrees.(so far!)
  6. DavidSausage

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    I also agree :)
  7. Creeper_Bros01

    Creeper_Bros01 Guest

    It's settled. This is why bipartisanship is the way to go :D
  8. thapenguin

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    I agree this class is really strong BUT. why do u postit since i have it and not when only alex did ur such a good mod and ur really not abusing for ur fac
  9. Theshaheen1

    Theshaheen1 Guest

    Wow does every post I make you have to annoy me about it? But if you can show some proof of me "abusing" for my fac I would like to see it' date=' until than read my signature! :D :mrgreen: Also, I did support the nerfing of this class on one of devildevils or kespakins post i forget.. :|

    It is so funny how thapenguin constantly tries to get me on staging my supposed wrong doings ;D! And I say HATERS GONNA HATE </3
  10. thapenguin

    thapenguin Guest

    k u want proof of u abusing for ur fac?

    1 im in infamous penguin please invite as much of ur accs as possible we need power man

    2 i leave infamous kick thedrunkenduck or be banned
  11. devildevil22

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    I agree. Champion is so op that not even a tankclass survives... Not even the OP REGEN TANK CLASSES can survive to that... If someone gets death sword, and uses zephyr + the dmg of death sword = almost 200 dmg in just 5 seconds.
  12. Theshaheen1

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