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  1. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    We closed the other servers besides the Factions server and increased the RAM from the Factions server so it runs better and we have more room to work with.

    Prison and the Lobby/Hub server are gone!

    We just wanna focus on making the Factions server better.

    We will keep some minigames on that server like SkyBlock, PVP Arenas, Quake etc.

    We might improve the SkyBlock thing (with shops) and make a working KitPVP arena.

    The Prison server got way to less players on it.

    People who donated for things ONLY on the Prison server get to choose something else for the same price(s) to use on the Factions server.

    Hopefully everyone will understand.

    Greetz LeGenDaryX
  2. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    New mobarena ground? :3
  3. Ellhnaras7

    Ellhnaras7 Guest

    how did you create that signature??
  4. morgnificantme

    morgnificantme Guest

    R.I.P Prison
  5. victinistar

    victinistar Guest

    Aha, you also changed the forum background. It looks pretty neat imo. :3
  6. morgnificantme

    morgnificantme Guest

    Le DmD made it :p
  7. victinistar

    victinistar Guest

    Then props to him. It looks hella good, and like it took a lot of time.
  8. morgnificantme

    morgnificantme Guest

    I think it's... Creepy. :p
  9. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

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