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Discussion in 'Retro' started by YiamAgain, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. YiamAgain

    YiamAgain Guest

    Wtf am I reading? Donkey kong? dragonballz? (<- lol)

    Lemme list some good retro games:

    Wolfenstein 3D

    Doom II


    Prince of Persia

    Mortal Kombat <--- omg 8D

    And for the love of LeGenDaryX! ...

    the best retro games around:

    The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena

    The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall <------ OMGAFU9A79

    daggerfall is one of the best games ever made. this is true and there is no question about it. even oblivion or skyrim have a worthless and shallow storyline in comparison to this!
  2. Konner

    Konner Guest

    .... I have not yet played daggerfall.... if what you say is true then I must play Daggerfall!
  3. AnGeLFiRe

    AnGeLFiRe Guest

    i dont see red alert, or rings of medusa...
  4. YiamAgain

    YiamAgain Guest

    sorry angelfire, add whatever you like :)

    also other guy, daggerfall is utterly amazing.

    just install DaggerXL if you can find it. The basic controlls suck and with that the controlls are more like the newer elder scrolls games.

    daggerfall has really deep and extended story, and a very very very very large world. epicness!
  5. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    own all of them except the elder scrolls you mentioned and prince of persia
  6. DemonLord

    DemonLord Guest

    I'm pretty sure that donkey kong does count as retro. Also, it should be street fighter, not mortal combat. Even though I like killing things, street fighter is better.

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