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    1. Tariff " Basic ." Designed for those who need to feel the power of the product and see it in action . Run your site # Hrumer by RU and mix DLE profiles guaranteed 750 + backlinks. Price $ 12.

    2.Tarif "Economy" . The initial base # Hrumer . Includes profile + guest + posting + ping on search engines. Well suited to increase the reference mass of young sites.Guaranteed 1500 profile with your link to your site. Cost: $ 15.

    3.Tarif "Advanced ." The initial base # hrumera + own + py base mix. Great for increasing the reference weight and hold the positions in search engines ( Yandex , Google ) Guaranteed : 3500 + backlinks about 1,000 guests . Cost: $ 30.

    4.Tarif "Elite" . The initial base # Xrumer + py its base base base + special + mix Burj. Includes profile + guest + ping. Perfect for increasing link mass to hold the positions in the SS , the growth PR, a possible increase in TCI . Guaranteed: more than 6000 backlinks 1,000 guest . Cost: $ 50.

    5.Tarif " Charming ."Includes all current at the time of the base are chosen by the customer. Guaranteed growth of young PR sites and the possible growth of TIC (70 %). Guaranteed: 8500 profile with your link + links with guest guest . Cost: $ 70.

    6.Tarif «VIP». The work lasts for 2-3 months. Over the 2-3 months your life will pursue all databases are constantly updated .Price is negotiable, individual approach to the client.

    When ordering 2-3 sites and over , there is a flexible system of discounts to any customer find their individual solution.

    Dates of operation:

    From 1 to 5 days. Depending on the load of the work .

    ICQ 213292 Skype xrumerelite

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