PoW's back

Discussion in 'Factions & Kingdoms' started by PhantomWarriorA, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. PhantomWarriorA

    PhantomWarriorA Guest

    I just wanted to say that me and pancake remade PoW again
  2. PhantomWarriorA

    PhantomWarriorA Guest

    Once we finish our underground base we will be inviting people into the faction we are have the same design as we did in our old base
  3. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    cool i remember when beastly told me that being allys with PoW means we would be good forever ;D

    ORAPPLES Guest

    Hey yall I didnt know that PoW is coming back. I had a lot of goo memories there.


  5. PhantomWarriorA

    PhantomWarriorA Guest

    I had some great memories there then it just collapsed so fast i couldn't believe it.
  6. Andrew77079

    Andrew77079 Guest

    PoW REBORN! Once a PoW member, always a PoW member...
  7. PhantomWarriorA

    PhantomWarriorA Guest

    yep me and pancake are in the process of carving out the underground base again it wont be as low as before so no annoying voidfog to get in the way.
  8. Andrew77079

    Andrew77079 Guest

    I already have an underground base, kinda like how PoW was, good times :p

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