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    Hey everyone.

    We start updating our news feed again. Which could be usefull.

    There have been several updates lately. I will probably forget half of those but ill give an update on most things that come to mind!

    1. We added a Factions server with some rpg worlds.

    Some old players probably know about them as they have been used in the past.

    We are talking about the rpg worlds: Legendaria, Pangia, and Eternia.

    They have all been restored as they were before! Including DiabloDrops loot and custom loot in it! :p

    2. KitPVP Server (Entered in the lobby)
    Soon there will also be 1vs1 challenges but right now u can join the ffa arena at: /kb join pit
    More maps are coming soon!

    3. Theres a 75% Sale on ranks. Including new donor ranks.

    4. Also during this time we had several changes,

    like other heroes on factions. Plugins added. Several fixes, updates and plugins added.

    5. U can become king on the towny server.

    By holding a temple. And be the boss of the whole server (people pay you taxes and give u items)

    Probably more, but Its not important really. You can come online and check it for yourself? <3 XD

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    In the kingdoms/RPG server the kingdom commands are not working...

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