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    Minecraft 1.8.+ to 1.12.2


    Towny Beta
    What u can do in our server.
    The Playmode is based on Survival Town.
    Town world TNT block destroy is enabled, also it will slowly regenerate back to how it was before beside some hooked stuff will break.

    If u play on the latest minecraft u can see the new stuff.
    Also don't forgot to follow our rules and give diamond to our Pixellegends.
    • Warp to tutorial to start the basics.
    • U can create/join a town.
    • U can pvp outside spawn/resource/default Town.
    • U can lock ur chest by using lock worldchest protection commands.
    • There is Duel Kits aswell, if u don't want lose ur items.
    • U can play mob arena to earn Medals and Money after finish 10 Waves.
    • U can trades Tokens/Medals/Materials in trades from several Vendors.
    • There is daily Quest available for an example: 'Stone Miner' it requires Wooden Pickaxe.
    • U can join jobs to earn money and job level.
    • U can brew beer/alcoholic Potion.
    • There is dungeon that u can fight to the death without losing your items beside ur Player experience.[Unless u unlock Lord rank]
    • End of the dungeon u can get tokens.
    • There is resource world that u could grief/farm/harvest or kill. [Warning world could reset!]
    • U can sell Drugs from several Material to earn Jackpot Money.
    • U can vote on our server to earn Keys,TNT,food,experience,token and money.
    • There is Event crates to claim great stuff.
    • U can level ur Mcmmo Stats
    • There is Heroic Monsters spawning outside the town or resource world that lurks in the fog.
    • To buy/sell is at auction or player shop.
    • There is also decoration shop that u can buy decoration blocks from trader at spawn near the fountain.
    • U can get free perks from ingame ranks by ranking up.
    • And more still coming...
    Thanks for u attention Feel Free to join us on discord aswell.
    -chinese_Yeli [AFK Senior Mod]
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