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    The update should be out soon! Its a HUGE update and will add alot of new features and content!

    Some features:

    1. Fly around the 3 continents on Dragons!
    2. Pangia and Legendaria will each have 1 Kingdom which players can join. (including thrones to capture)
    3. Wilderness has Factions raiding!
    4. Huge Housing RPG Plots for sale with ingame money
    5. New Quests added through a GUI
    6. Hero Classes Level Cap raised to level 70!
    7. New skills added onto existing classes!
    8. New FREE and new DONATOR classes!
    9. Mob Arena is back!
    10. a command to throw away junk loot with: /junk or /disposal (for everyone)
    11. PvP Top 10
    12. Dueling arenas!
    13. A Space world with 10 planets and unique things to discover
    14. Crates and new Daily rewards and Daily Kits!
    15. MCMMO is back!
    16. New SPAWN
    17. Totally 2 new RPG worlds and 1 new Space world!
    18. And more coming soon!

    Some Maps: (1 RPG World that is coming has no map to show so no pictures of that)

    Nazgarth, Pangia + Legendaria combined in 1 world:


    1 of the new RPG Worlds:

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