Pixellegends 4.9 Update | Network Update

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    Pixellegends 4.9 Update aka the Network Update

    If you find any bugs or any issues feel free to contact a staff member here on the forums on the server or on our discord server or even email me at matrixkhandev@gmail.com

    Please leave a reply on the thread with what new server you would like to see added to the server or any new additions we should add to any of the current servers or soon to be servers

    1. Small bug fixes/balance changes with classes

    2. The new Pixellegends Network

    So as its pretty obvious the server is turning into a network at the moment we only have KingdomsRPG

    but soon we will have a Skyblock, Practice PVP and Creative more servers will be added later on down the road.

    Alot of people have been asking why Skyblock / Creative are getting their own servers we did this so we can make them as good as they can be so Skyblock and Creative will see lots of changes to make them alot better!

    3. Staff Updates:

    - New Moderators:

  2. chinese_Yeli

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    Looking forwards for Skyblock.
  3. MatrixKhan

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    [QUOTE="chinese_Yeli]Looking forwards for Skyblock.

    [/QUOTE]me 2 it will be a lot better then the previous version

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