Pixellegends 4.8 Update

Discussion in 'News, Updates & Announcements' started by MatrixKhan, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. MatrixKhan

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    Sorry this update should have been added about 2 months ago... anyways here are the updates

    If you find any bugs or any issues feel free to contact a staff member here on the forums on the server or on our discord server or even email me at matrixkhandev@gmail.com

    Also we added a Discord server it is similar to Teamspeak or Skype but completely free and lightweight here is the link to join https://discord.gg/0jX8QpyVv4O2nQWu

    1. Added back factions - Removed Kingdoms

    2. Various bug fixes and balancing with classes / skills if you find anymore please let us know

    3. Added Daily, Every 3 day and Weekly rewards at /spawn

    4. Obsidian is now vulnerable to TNT after so many hits

    5. Added a action bar above the food/armor bar it displays your current class, mana, hp etc

    6. Custom enchantments have been removed (until further notice)

    7. Staff updates:

    - New Developers:


    - New Helpers:



    - New Moderators


    - New Senior Moderators




    Chinese_yeli (moved from mod+ to senior mod)

    8. Added a /hug command and a /slapass command ;) :h:

    Side note: we have added a custom plugin coded by me (MatrixKhan) when mining or killing mobs you sometimes get a custom item ignore the custom item for the moment we are just testing stability they have no use currently
  2. Konner

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    Sick update dude. Very helpful.
  3. Sam

    Sam Guest

    You forgot the new dev ;-;
  4. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    lel im not in the list ;d

    Looks like I'm the Secret Reserved Mod
  5. MatrixKhan

    MatrixKhan Guest

    [QUOTE="chinese_Yeli]lel im not in the list ;dLooks like I'm the Secret Reserved Mod

    [/QUOTE]Senior Mod is just mod+ :p so you aren't new just basically a title change
  6. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    [QUOTE="MatrixKhan]Senior Mod is just mod+ :p so you aren't new just basically a title change

    [/QUOTE]oh ok ;3 i see.
  7. vakes

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    Still stuck at helper q-q

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