Pixellegends 4.7 Update

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  1. LeGenDaryX

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    Alot of small changes that will increase content alot and balances things out!

    1. All Kingdoms Upgrades are cheaper ALOT.

    This way new players can buff up their champion alot more or buy more turrets to get a better base protection.

    Turning in items also rewards more Kingdom Resourcepoints.

    2. Added the start of Saga's. In the /dungeons menu you can now see a line of Saga Start Locations. Thusfar we only have 1 main quest story (the Arcadia Demon Saga).

    In the future we will get more and those will be easily accessable through this menu.

    3. ALL quests can be done repeatable after a 4 day cooldown!

    So you could do all quests within 4 days, and do it again after those 4 days.

    Quests give the best XP and Money rewards!

    Quests will get a custom currency item soon which will be useable in a special shop with unique items!

    4. All chests loot timers have been lowered from 7 days to a time between 12 hours and 3 days.

    So dungeons can be done alot more!

    5. Increased money drops from almost all mobs. They give a 1 to 10 money drop.

    6. New Custom Enchantments plugin added. You can get the new enchantments through a normal enchantment table.

    So dungeons can be done alot more!
  2. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Everything will be enabled after the next restart.
  3. Wasbeer

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  4. psyshotz

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    nice updates tho keep going


    Well when's the restart :p
  6. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Added a 6th update. With the new custom enchantments plugin.

    Testing it on the server currently!


    Looks great Leg, i have some concerns, but ill send them via skype.
  8. TheAwesomedud3

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    The amount of advertising is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. chinese_Yeli

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    Le me looking forwards to it ;3
  11. lennard

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    yes i have the same problem pls send help

    i cant join the server it looks and sound amazing it says cant connect to server send help!

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