Pixellegends 4.6 Update

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    Hi! Some new updates on Pixellegends <3

    1. We opened the Eternia world. Its not done or anything but it has a few quests with some nice xp and money rewards which make you explore the new world!

    You can get there with: /warp dragontravel

    Or take a dragontravel at your discovered lands (Pangia is closest).

    Expect some new item sets to come in Eternia when we get some more custom mobs in it and some dungeons!

    2. Kingdoms had some updates also.

    You can now protect chests from other members in your kingdom.

    So Kingdom betrayal should be much harder now.

    Kings can also set certain permissios for their members through the nexus!

    3. Pangia dungeons have some new Item Tier sets to discover.

    You can find them in the dungeons.

    Thanks for reading!
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