Pixellegends 4.5 Update!

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    Yes! We are using numbers with our updates now!

    So when you see the server MOTD updated with a new number.

    Go check out the forum for more info about it!

    Now.. the update info::

    1. Heroes Classes Level cap raised to Level 70!

    This means more hp, and 2 new skills for every class.

    Let us know if a skill isnt good or doing alot of damage. We havent bugtested them all, and all eventually have to have good level 60 and level 70 skills!

    2. Heroes damages with tools/weapons rise with each level up too now.

    (not alot though, for now).

    Each level up gives you 0.1 extra damage with every tool/weapon.

    So after 70 levels your Diamond sword that previously did 12 damage, does.. 19 now! (1 damage extra for every 10 levels)

    3. Donator classes are getting buffed a bit. MatrixKhan is working at them, so bother him if its taking too long! :p

    4. In your /mskills skill bar. The skills have custom icons now. We will add more, but its alot of work for over 200 skills. But at least it gives you a mmo kind of feel. (IF you use our texture pack, you can combine it just fine with yours)

    For people that do not know how the /mskills bar works:

    You drag the spell onto your hotbar and when you press the according number of that hotbar slot. It casts the skill immediately without switching away from your primary weapon in your hand.

    In the end this is faster and more MMO like.

    5. Also a question to all of you. As you know.. we have a resourcepack.

    But we wanna know if there are any weapon models you dont like?

    And maybe you have a replacement model for it that we could use?

    As I heard some people do not like the Diamond Sword model. I wanna know if we should change this (or other weapons/tools).

    And suggestions for which ones are welcome offcourse!

    6. Last but not least. We have optional RPG profiles now. You can get a custom username with this and a cool Racial prefix. More info can be found here:


    Thanks for reading! :h:

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