Orc's Launch Problem

Discussion in 'Heroes RPG Classes' started by NaughtyNinja101, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. NaughtyNinja101

    NaughtyNinja101 Guest

    I was on a while ago leveling orc to level 30 and couldn't wait to finally get skill launch. Then I /skills orc and realised its not there. The only reason I went with orc over saiyan was that particular skill which has been removed. I don't know if it broke or was removed on purpous but could it be replaced with original or similar skill please? It won't be the same otherwise.

    Thanks, ~Ninja.
  2. NaughtyNinja101

    NaughtyNinja101 Guest

    Part of the problem is that Orc is being advertised falsly right now on billboards where you choose a profession, I don't want new players falling into the same situation as I am. I do hope it is fixed though, then everyone can be happy!

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