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    Minecraft: Survival Evolved

    Pixellegends has a new type of server OPEN!

    In the Ultimate Survival server your goal is to survive
    just like in vanilla minecraft.

    But in this server we also added THIRST. This means you
    have to drink water to rehydrate.

    You can also get several diseases.
    Think of diseases like rabies, swampfever, WhoopingCough, a broken leg, chocking in food
    and many more!
    You also have to watch your temperature!
    Or you will overheat or freeze to death!


    We also added a cool plugin called SlimeFun. This adds
    400+ new unique items like BBQ sauce, to jetpacks and backpacks.
    Batteries, cool mechanics, new metals and MUCH more!

    Tempest Box:
    It also features the Tempest Box. This is a commandblock based pack
    that looks like a ModPack but isnt one.
    It adds unique monsters, new machines and more. (currently not 100% working)

    This all makes it a unique experience and you can protect your
    buildings by claiming it. When claimed it CANNOT be destroyed by ANYTHING!

    So come online and work together to survive the new challenges that lay in front of you!
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