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    Hey Guys its me Tyler! I've come to the community for ideas for new dungeons! I've been busy making dungeons for you all to enjoy and to bring the server together! I would appreciate detailed information so i can make these structures. If you have any ideas just post below and i can make them happen and i will post screenshots if you would like.
  2. DeadbringerX

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    I got Atm 3

    Btw its Elemental Sorta

    Hydroid:WaterHunter (Boss:Hard)


    {ElderGuardians,Endermite(In Boss Room)}


    I thought About a UnderWater Dungeon so i came up with This idea

    When u come to the Entrance u shall be given an Op Water ...thingy that makes u be in water for long time

    Some areas Should be Flooded Tho here In this areas Will be Guardians (Pokey(Don't Mind))

    Tho Ther will be 3 Areas Flooded Each Having a Mini Boss ElderGuardian(Keep this Name)

    Then Boss Room Center Boss Spawn

    Make it hard Enough

    (Just a Addition if u can add skills add that it will Summon WitherSkele(bow,Invis,silent) ,Riding Squid ,Riding Bat(Make Bat Silent ,and Invis)(Flying Squid!)

    It will make a Nice Addition

    After u see this and accept Reply to me in Game



    Build like this Exterior:
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    Yush post screenie for me ;D even i have seen it but looks nice ;3 but I dont mind putting my easter egg in ur dungeon even i put it in ur dungeon.
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  5. DeadbringerX

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    I gotto re edit it wait
  6. chinese_Yeli

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    [/QUOTE]no i mean tyler ;3
  7. chinese_Yeli

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    [QUOTE="DeadbringerX]I gotto re edit it wait

    [/QUOTE]But i dont mind ur posting in tylers idea xD
  8. DeadbringerX

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    Tyler Told me to post A idea XD


    Everyone can post ideas and if you have an idea post some snapshots so i get a better idea
  10. DeadbringerX

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    Will the dungeon be made tho?

    this one


    I will make them all, but only a few may get put in and they will all be changed to a certain extent to provide originality
  12. DeadbringerX

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    Interior Will take time for me to Design Cause Exams are soon :p


    We just had exams wtf xD

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