Nature's Wrath

Discussion in 'Minecraft Discussion' started by WoahSophie, May 13, 2014.

  1. WoahSophie

    WoahSophie Guest

    My dear friends and allies, it has come, the time to go at war is finally upon us.

    It is time to go at war with RoadHouse, and its only member, commandergree123. It is time to claim what its ours. Yes, it was my base, but without the help of many of you, I wouldn't have made it that far. And it was the efforts of everyone and mine to build that base. So technically speaking, it is the base of everyone. And when RoadHouse claimed it as his own, he is not only disrespecting me, he is disrespecting all of you. He claimed over our land, over our hard work and decided to do whatever he pleases to it. So I am calling upon everyone to join me and bring down commandergree123 and his faction, RoadHouse. This is for everyone we have lost in game, whether it has because they left the server or they stopped playing Minecraft for ever, and this is for everyone we have lost in real life, like my recent brother. And lastly, this is for Nature. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in our favor.
  2. Blastburn306

    Blastburn306 Guest

    woahsophie i will avenge u

    going to ur base now and raid them if i can i will camp there just to help u XD

    u help me to fight i will help u to fight

  3. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    #RevengeForSophie! next time i see him he wont be safe!
  4. Skyzer

    Skyzer Guest

    Im going to help to he is going down!
  5. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    I dont mind :3 I'll just keep looking what she does to get her base back :3
  6. WoahSophie

    WoahSophie Guest

    We are one step closer in bringing commandergree123 and RoadHouse down.
  7. WoahSophie

    WoahSophie Guest


    YES! Thank you all! Really, thank you thank you thank you. I got all my stuff back now from that a-hole. We did it!
  8. ReinAlloy

    ReinAlloy Guest

    Gj so you are coming back?
  9. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    [QUOTE="ReinAlloy]Gj so you are coming back?

    [/QUOTE]she is allrdy back :3
  10. WoahSophie

    WoahSophie Guest

    Yes, I am back, and with the help of my friends, I already took down RoadHouse without having to battle him directly.
  11. Blastburn306

    Blastburn306 Guest

    how u get it back?

  12. WoahSophie

    WoahSophie Guest

    The methods we used are well.... in conflict right now. A friend of mine suggested a plan and well, she is in jail right now, and who knows how things will go because she inside faction raided or so... and well, things are complicated. But I won't give up. I will take him down completely. I am so annoyed by his offensive commentary and attitude. We all are going to raid him now over and over, the legit way. So he won't be able to complain about this anymore. There are no rules saying that everyone can go against him. And if he wants to play by the rules, then fine...

    He has been harrasing Clara and Morgan, and that should not go unpunished. Not to mention the great amount of badwords he has been using. If me and Clara are going to be banned or jailed, then so should him. Or is it that rule doesn't matter anymore and I can talk bad to everyone I want to? Because if so, I am so glad that I will be able to tell commandergree his truths.

    You know, rule number 1.

    View attachment 557

    And not to mention that he might be using two accounts. And here is one screenshot of it.

    View attachment 555
  13. Masterxlord

    Masterxlord Guest

    The things i see it is that your not responsible for things a friend did so clara only needs to be punishment it was here choice to do it...... But still you dont have to bully him out of the server -.-
  14. WoahSophie

    WoahSophie Guest

    Thank you. And okay, I won't bully him out of the server, but I don't want him talking to me or my friends at all or I will keep reporting him for harassment. We don't want to talk to him, so don't worry about us bothering him. Its him bothering us with his foul language and taunts and such.

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