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  1. Pinkdog.

    Pinkdog. Guest

    Hello guys i dont like member anymore u ask why the following reasons are here

    1.- It has No specials.

    2.-The world "Creative" does not exists anymore.

    Ass u can see u cant do anything with Member



    Can u Get something new for the Rank Member

    Greetings Pinkdog

    I come in peace

    Few tips i shut like

    (Creative world) Again

    (Special member shop) It has stuff rlly cheap (Including mobspawners)
  2. Ynneka

    Ynneka Guest

    I do agree that member doesnt have that many benefits than the member tag and the member kit but having a spawner shop would destroy the server a bit since if u got like 100 skeletonspawners u could just make a skeleton farm to lvl all classes to max under some minutes/hours. but some features like Creative world and other worlds would be cool, i personally would suggest a Special class or a special gamemode or any special features that doesnt ruin too much. -Derp (Cookies are really good :D )

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