Many.. Many new updates!

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  1. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    We added and changed alot of things!

    Completely new server areas!

    - New Spawn, New Info Areas,

    - New Story!

    - New Heroes Class area.

    - Quests

    - New MobArena (improved waves+better loot)

    - Working on dungeons

    - Worked out the Donator Classes

    - Upgraded Heroes xp for Infernal Mobs (MiniBosses)

    Probably more things, i have forgotten!
  2. Windslayer

    Windslayer Guest

    Yes i cant wait to see the quests.
  3. liangming

    liangming Guest

    i completed a quest that starts at Hacksore and its "Find my precious items please!" but i cant get reward

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