It also tends to be larger in diameter

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    It also tends to be larger in diameter. Thus, often referred midget and hindgut of these animals as accurate and large intestine. See the intestine ProlaZyme

    Hindgut some reptiles, mammals and include many of the blind or one-eyed bag near the junction with the midget. A pair of CECA present in the hindgut of the many types of birds, and some mammals. The rest of the hindgut is made up of the colon and, respectively, the final part of the short, which is called the rectum in mammals. Digestive and urinary tract out separately from the body of most types of fish and mammals. However, in adult amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and some, this segment ends in a room called the cloacae, who also serves as director of the urinary and reproductive systems. Or hindgut, where they exist, and end the entrained in the anus. See the colon and urinary system

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    Wait a minute. What're ye on about?
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    [QUOTE="CrazyJay11]Wait a minute. What're ye on about?

    [/QUOTE]Is not this topic Gaming? Lets talk about Lord of Aisle the epic game ;D

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