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    Ultra Boost Force breathe halfway point right here and last one nice job all right excellent do you think I'm actually gonna stick with this wait for the but depends all right there we go I'm gonna love mine just a little bit for this next one not too much we can help you out here sir thank you very much I guess I'm going to customize this workout to meet your needs I thought it's best to have some variety when it comes to equipment and weight yeah so you're able to explore some these different muscle building techniques okay we have repetition sumo stiff leg deadlift feet are wide using that posterior chain back stays straight let's get it guys get after it right here our sleazy my glutes at the top of that movement there that goes at time of the workout I feel it becomes even more important to focus on what brought you here today to begin what what is it what are your goals what motivates you last line after this bowl come another nice drop the weight for a second ok I'm going to go back down just a little bit for my hand Queens that next set of don't be afraid I know it don't not be afraid to change the weight for every set yes okay here we .

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