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Discussion in 'Heroes RPG Classes' started by LeGenDaryX, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Im calling out to all players!

    I need information from you guys/gals! Im trying to fix/balance heroes.

    And because i dont play much with heroes i need some help from ya'll. :mrgreen:

    *1* What classes are overpowered and why?

    *2* What skills are too strong and need to be nerfed and why..

    *3* Other things you want changed.. and please dont come up with rewriting whole heroes because im not in the mood for that.

    *4* Anything else?

    I do this for you guys so that everyone has fun pvp. Classes should make it a different feel to the standard minecraft pvp.

    But still make it balanced and make it so winning relies on skill and not a overpowered class!!

    Plz think about what you suggest. And explain.. what you mean. If you cant explain in english the dutch people can tell me in dutch. But english is best so others can read/respond on it too. :mrgreen:
  2. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

    I dont like it.. Its my opinion yes, and all of you guys dont need to agree and it might be a bit extreme but whatever.

    Heroes as it was: You needed your faction mates to be able to beat another faction. You couldnt do it yourself cause every class had an OP spell or thing.

    So we teamed on Imperial all the time. And now Zach is whining about every class except his own: Mage. Mage can spam bolt. I was a rogue, he wanted smoke removed but oh no dont touch his precious bolt!

    Heroes now: I can solo 5/6 man. This isnt fun, really isnt fun.

    In my line of sight this should have never happened. Spawn pvp is so easy now:

    Mages who are camping safezone and are afraid of real pvp (PUSSIES WHO DESERVE TO BURN AND GO TO THE PVPHELL CAUSE THEY SUCK.)

    And those who run into warzone and get spammed bolt by mages (THE PUSSIES.) Those who run are brave but dumb. The smartest move was smoke with rogue and backstab the campers. Impossible now.

    Im thinking about being citizen, because it really is the best class now.
  3. Boomer_RAWR

    Boomer_RAWR Guest

    Overpowered: Smite, Harmtouch

    Underpowered: Ranger, Healer, Fighter(Due to broken skill)

    I also think that we need more classes since it is kinda getting boring :p

    Warrior, soldier and ranger needs more skills

    Improved armor on certain classes

    more classes such as...


    Knight ;)




    Mystic Monk

    and a class that uses iron armor and bow ;) onlyrangers rogues snipers and citizen uses bow
  4. Dr_Appendix01

    Dr_Appendix01 Guest

    I think that the rogues cool down time on skills should be decreased, they are like a minute each even for jump
  5. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

  6. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Not sure which one is what class.. but many of these classes are already in the game with a different name?

    Knight = soldier with invincibility...

    I fixed harmtouch. Havent looked at smite.. but i will. :D
  7. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

    What I wanted was nothing to change.

    But as we are busy now. IceAura is OP. Three hearts every 2 seconds and the owner of it doesnt need to do anything.
  8. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Nothing changed.. when?

    What classes have IceAura? What armor do they wear? :p

    Cause i dont think it IceAura works this way? It works for 5 seconds.. not sure if it heals?
  9. JonnoAsh1

    JonnoAsh1 Guest

    Even though there were skills and classes that were op i think that this made it fun as there is always a class to counter any like a good sniper can use smoke and pick of others from a distance then the necro's iceaura can detect people using smoke and thats why Boomer first used it.. The only thing that needs adapting IN MY OPINION! is the spawn so when you go into warzone you cant get back like fall down into water then cant get back or something like that to encourage people to use their brains and not just spawn camp being pussys.
  10. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Im gonna fix da spawn now :p a bit..
  11. DrizzleHD

    DrizzleHD Guest

    *1* What classes are UNDERpower and why? Sniper has no smoke anymore.

    *2* What skills are too strong and need to be Powerd UP and why.. because that was the whole reason i choosed sniper and it was the only good thing about it

    and 5 seconds smoked is not even worth it :S

    Maybe a bit longer and less cooldown?
  12. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    i Changed the cooldown. It now has a duration of 9 seconds. And a cooldown of 12 seconds.

    If done right you only have to be for 3 seconds visable! After reappeared.

    If you cant do that.. your not good enough :twisted:
  13. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Added lots of new (bases on old) classes! Let me know if they still do their thing. Some people are probably happy with many of them. :mrgreen:
  14. pugman4

    pugman4 Guest

    Legendary, you need to makereal pvp spawn if you want to enhance te game, not a 4 block drop with a ladder xD

    Also as i said, blink needs to be made so it cant go through 1x1 holes, oly 1x2 holes, but i know you cant fix that, so just remove blink

    :ugeek: Puggeh
  15. Maerts

    Maerts Guest


    Well, mage isn't mage without blink. Is it?

    Keep blink that's what I'd say.

  16. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

  17. pugman4

    pugman4 Guest

    I cant explain, i show

    Ill make one on single player and upload pics of it
  18. JonnoAsh1

    JonnoAsh1 Guest

    i think more classes need to use bow and arrows as now its up to 4/6 i believe so like some new ones like the vampire or the werewolf could suit them possibly?
  19. DemonLord

    DemonLord Guest

    The monk does more damage with his fist than his stone sword using might so that is kind of under powered for the sword. and i think jonno meant like a 20 block drop with water at the bottom so the don't die.
  20. voodoo_tavo

    voodoo_tavo Guest

    HI!!! xD!

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