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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by LeGenDaryX, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    I started a crew on GTA 5. I play on Xbox360. Although i believe its not needed to compare stats.

    Crew Name: ZwP Crew

    Tag: ZWP6

    People that are bored and want to join the crew can add me.

    Nickname: ZwPBerserk

    People can join up to 5 crews at the same time.
  2. thapenguin

    thapenguin Guest

    only if i had a xbox D:
  3. Theshaheen1

    Theshaheen1 Guest

    Nice legend! Did you ever get all your achievements back? But, how to join a crew?
  4. MonkeyzFtw

    MonkeyzFtw Guest

    Only if I had GTA 5 D:
  5. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Haha well i modded some achievements back and i added my total gamerscore back to the number it was. It was 27000 when i lost them. So i brought it back to exactly that so i dont look like a total n000b :p
  6. Shangmar

    Shangmar Guest

    I have a PS3 and am getting GTA V in a couple of weeks, so if anyone would like to play with me, surprise surprise, my nick is Shangmar
  7. Konner

    Konner Guest

    Gta V.. Nice.
  8. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    own me a one too :D
  9. Konner

    Konner Guest

    What if I told you the storyline is short? z-z
  10. PCtry2killme

    PCtry2killme Guest

    What if I told you nobody cares about the storyline. ._.
  11. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    What if i already finished the story line. And got rich from it. All that i needed :p
  12. Theshaheen1

    Theshaheen1 Guest

    What if you stopped complaining and buy the game?
  13. Konner

    Konner Guest

    Finished it in 48 hours, I bought the game also so shush :p
  14. DavidSausage

    DavidSausage Guest

    I'm getting the game on Friday e-e
  15. Maerts

    Maerts Guest

  16. alex

    alex Guest

    trevor is fcking badass
  17. alex

    alex Guest

    thank god thapenguin doesnt have xbox he intoxicated minecraft he doesnt need to ruin xbox i feel so bad for sony cause they have to put up with his sh!t
  18. Konner

    Konner Guest

    Alex that was just pointless and childish, immature little piece of shit.
  19. PCtry2killme

    PCtry2killme Guest

    Exactly what i was talking about in the other topic.
  20. Theshaheen1

    Theshaheen1 Guest


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