{Finished} 6th TSekai Tournament!!

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    Shinikami is organizing a DBZ HD Tournament on there site.. and he asked me if i could get some more members to participate.

    The tournament is held at 9 o clock in the evening at european time.

    Its now 3. o clock + 20 minutes now.. the fights are in 5 hours and 40 minutes!

    They meet at this Hamachi server:

    Server: TSekai-2

    Password: dbzhd

    Rulez of there tournament:

    1. 3 Fights first one to get 2 wins.. WINS the fight!

    2. The HP 500, no boost to attack or defense.

    3. The map is your choice but it should not go in the air.

    4. Respect for the opponent.

    Number of participants required: 8 but if like the last time there where not enough players we will arrange a points system.

    Its there 6th tournament.

    Here is there website: http://tournament-sekai.xooit.fr/t372-6 ... .htm#p1484

    Its all in french thats why i posted it on here in english.

    Some of there people already signed to join the tournament.

    Leave a comment below to let them know you wanna join. If you are to late you could also just join there hamachi server on time.

    Have Fun!

    ** You could join the server now.. its already open!


    1. Shin / ShiniKami17

    2. Jon' / Jon'

    3. GoGeTTo / GoGeTTo Good Keyboard

    4. HD~Strife / hdgamer

    5. Magicrider / Magicrider

    6. XIII / XIII

    7. VooDoo

    8. Willberth

    Tournament Results:


    vs------------------ Hd~Strife




    vs------------------ Magicrider




    vs------------------ GoGeTTo




    vs------------------ VooDoo


    Link to a Fight from the Finals between HD~Strife Vs GoGeTTo must see!!:

    Tournament Winners:

    1st Place: GoGeTTo

    2nd Place: HD~Strife

    3rd Place: VooDoo

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