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    Faction worlds will reset within a few days! (its now august 24, 2015!)

    Spend your money on ingame ranks or something!

    Things that WILL reset:






    Things that NOT reset:

    Heroes Class and Profession XP will STAY

    MCMMO stats

    PVP Stats


    Other permissions you might have.

    Donators will get their donation rewards again after the reset!

    Skyblock will NOT reset.

    Things that WILL change:

    - EnderChests will be disabled.

    - Vaults will only be enabled for Donators

    We wanna get more raiding to be done so it will be harder! For the creative people there is a unique world below.

    - We will add a new Factions plugin with the new DTR system

    - A new admin shop for items etc.

    - We will get 2 Faction worlds:

    1. World 1: Hyboria will be with TNT and you will be able to store items there. This world will have creeper-explosions enabled. Nether will be enabled. The End will be enabled.
    2. World 2: Dominia Will have the same inventory as world nr 1. But you cannot store items in chests or use hoppers, and fancy blocks like diamond and iron blocks. This world is for building nice buildings without the ability to store items. PVP will be also on in this world but TNT BLOCK DAMAGE will not. So when your faction is raidable they can still grief you though. You share the same faction between worlds. So share your land carefully. This world is perfect if you wanna build a nice looking house this cant be destroyed when you are offline like the house in your tnt world. Still there is PVP dangers so getting killed 5 times still makes it griefable!
    3. Arcadia: Will share inventories with both faction worlds. Arcadia will release in the first week of september.

    - RPG Worlds will be disabled for a week!

    - Arcadia will be released after that week! So new quests and dungeons and items!

    We dont wanna reset everything together so we can focus on making Arcadia ready!

    (PS: Ill edit this topic when i know more or if I have forgotten something)

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