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Discussion in 'DBZ HD' started by LeGenDaryX, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Does anyone know the game Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension from the SNES !? (super nintendo, super famicom)

    Its a game i played for a very long time. I sometimes even play it to this day.

    It plays a bit like a street fighter.. fight game.

    With the emulator zsnes the game is playable online.

    I actually havent found anybody with the skills enough to beat me lately! :cool:

    So if you dare.. here is some info and the resources to play it::

  2. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    Re: Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension

    HA im pretty sure i could kick your ass (no offense :| ) at that game :ugeek:
  3. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Re: Dragonball Z Hyper Dimension

    Hahah.. i havent lost in quite some time.. I hope you have the balls to back that up :lol:

    Download it PLEASE :p

    Hope you have ever played it though.. otherwise u have some practise to do..

    Here are the links:


  4. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    i LOVE the site background..and yea i downloaded it im gonna try to practice a bit..
  5. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    omg i had my first rage quit at this game, its so hard. freeza keeps doing that floaty thing and hits me while i cant hit him

    but also, are there any other attcks other than punching/kicking and one tiny f9ireball? it seems the AI is able to move back plane so you cant attack them, but they cn hit u. also how u shoot lasers like cell can? there doesnt seem to be any control for it
  6. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Hahah its a pretty hard game for newb's :p

    The cpu is way too easy for me though. Keep up the practise.. once u get the hang of the combos the rest goes automatically :cool:
  7. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    heres video me playing the game and failing at it

  8. Mr. Grave

    Mr. Grave Guest

    You can practice against me, nlad. I'm on the hamachi server dbzhdgaming3, same password as the other one: dbzhd.

    I don't mind giving you pointers. It's better to practice against a person than the cpu; the AI is prone to fall into patterns that are easy to see and counter, such as Cell always using his "3D" attack when a good sized blast is coming his way, or Gohan always using a small blast or his kick rush to block a super.

    I've been fighting the cpu for years now; it'll be great to fight some real people.
  9. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Cool to see you here Mr. Grave!

    nlad! mr grave is pretty good. U could learn stuff from him. Maybe then some day.. u can fight me on an even level haha :mrgreen:
  10. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    great! dbzhdgaming is full btw, buut dbzhdgamiing3 is good! i saw mr.graves name on the members list ;p
  11. Giga

    Giga Guest

    Ahhh, Dragonball Z One of my most loved games... Such a shame the newer ones have become accustomed to newbies and it's too easy... I've almost played all of them, But i haven't played this one.. Mhm I'm going to download it. Thanks for this Legendary :D
  12. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Once u get the hang of it, its a cool game. I just wished this would get an xbox live arcade game or something with multiplayer.


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