Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Kretess, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Kretess

    Kretess Guest

    If you happen to have Counter Strike Global Offensive then you should put your steam name down !

    I'm currently gold nova 2 sadly :( Im up to trade though.
  2. Konner

    Konner Guest

    I'm global offensive
  3. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    I don't, gift me a one so i can play ;3
  4. Konner

    Konner Guest

    Add me; Poor Young Lad
  5. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    [QUOTE="Konner]Add me; Poor Young Lad

    [/QUOTE]now Leg has added some nice on forum so u can go to my steam profile and add me kon :3

    After that gift me a CS:GO x3

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