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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by trollinger, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. trollinger

    trollinger Guest

    so I updated to windows 10 a while ago and for some reason Cortana and windows explorer are broken EVERY time I login it says Cortana and windows explorer are not responding we will fix this next time you login and the next time I login it says it AGAIN.....

    also since this started my google chrome and Mozilla firefox started acting weird so now I'm reduced to crappy internet explored because even internet edge wont start anyone have a solution for this pls reply it down here because even the windows/Microsoft forums cant help me
  2. MatrixKhan

    MatrixKhan Guest

    not sure try looking at forums google for people having the same issue as you or contact microsoft its still in beta so it still has bugs you could also try basically restoring your pc so its basically brand new could be a program messing with things
  3. trollinger

    trollinger Guest

    thnx for reply khan but i fixed it :3 i found something on a distant random forum somewhere to do a hard reset by literally holding the power button because the error was updates it wouldnt update and that hard reset forcibly updated it :p

    also for anyone else who gets same problems pm me :3

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