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    Hello Everyone! 

    We try to keep the classes as balanced as possible. Seeing as how the staff doesn't play with heroes much, that's where you come in. If you have information about a class or skill being overpowered or glitched, let us know! When posting in this thread make sure you include:

    • What skill(s) you're talking about: (class name, and skill name)
    • What the problem is: (overpowered, no cooldown, not working, not working correctly)
    • Suggestions on a solution: (suggestions, if you have any)

    Classes should give a different feel to the standard minecraft pvp, but it should still be balanced. Winning should rely on skill, not an overpowered class! Make sure to give thorough explanations as to what the problem is. If we don't understand your thread, we can't fix the problem. Help us help you!
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