BlueSaints Looking for Players!

Discussion in 'Factions & Kingdoms' started by Andrew77079, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Andrew77079

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    This is the BlueSaint's faction leader, telling you guys about our new faction, and us looking for new members, and what you need to do to my qualified to become a member.

    You CANNOT be a low hero class (Vanilla, Apprentice, etc.) We will not accept you AT ALL, even if your my little brother, I won't let you in the faction.

    You MUST have been on the server for a decent amount of time, enough time in which we notice you being active on the server.

    You CANNOT leave an enemy faction to join our faction right after, if you were a member to one of our enemy factions, we will not accept you immediately, unless if its a special situation.

    You MUST have a clean record on WorldCraft, that means you have NEVER been kicked, jailed, or banned from the server. If we notice you lying about this, we will immediately kick you from the faction.

    That our all the requirements to be able to join our faction, if you are interested in joining, just message me on the server, or reply below, have a great day everyone! :)

    BONUS: If you give our faction over $1,000 you will get a set of diamond tools when you join the faction! :D
  2. matej789

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    i wuld like to apply im a lvl 50 ancient think is my acc was hacked and noone wants to help me so i play on an another acc matej7890

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