Ban Report The_Butko__

Discussion in 'Banned!? Jailed!?' started by xXAmjadCraftXx, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. xXAmjadCraftXx

    xXAmjadCraftXx Guest

  2. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    Thx for the test reported to Leg :3
  3. Wasbeer

    Wasbeer Guest

    thank you for the report
  4. trollinger

    trollinger Guest

    the people with brains saw in the chat you were feared :I so dont ban him XD

    EDIT: butt still torture him for fun :3
  5. BuTko_Fucker

    BuTko_Fucker Guest

    Lol i was hurry, i needed to go something to do irl and you reporting me for that ?

    Great job bro, great job..

    I don't get these people how can be so assholes..
  6. Wasbeer

    Wasbeer Guest

    we will try fix the ./is glitch but i dont know why he reported you.

    you cant even drop stuff in the pvp pit can you? :wondering:
  7. trollinger

    trollinger Guest

    true ^_^
  8. Kretess

    Kretess Guest

    Butko, it ruins the experiance for others. You probably had to go but then just suicide or ask politely to leave. Tping during pvp is blocked for a reason.
  9. trollinger

    trollinger Guest

    also true but still maybe leg should disable any tp command while in combat such as warp, is go,tpa

    i know tpa and stuff are already disabled but still when pvp you shouldnt be able to do any command i think :3

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