Ban Report #0022 - farah20000

Discussion in 'Banned!? Jailed!?' started by morgnificantme, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. morgnificantme

    morgnificantme Guest

    Banned: farah20000

    Length Of Ban: permban

    Starting time: October 7, 2014 (4:13pm US Central Time)

    Reason: Advertisement


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  2. nlad720

    nlad720 Guest

    fk advertisers > :(

    brb while i go to a server and advertise pixel to them :p
  3. DmasterD

    DmasterD Guest

    I don't make ban reports about advertisers. I treat reports as if they are only for meant for banned people that might want to be unbanned or want their time to be reduced to play on the server again. That banned person needs to be worth my time too for making such a report.
  4. morgnificantme

    morgnificantme Guest

    Snippy DmD. :p
  5. Kretess

    Kretess Guest

    Make sure you put the reason on the ban when you ban them so leg doesnt accidently ban them


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