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    Sorry I need my own privacy but non-squeaking ages



    Languages (fluent):

    English, Arabic, Kurdish, Sweadish.

    Requested staff position (Helper, Mod, Builder, Dev, Youtuber/Twitch etc.):


    Playtime on the server:

    I played this server after 2 resets. 3 years ago last reset i played. Current online time: 20+ Hours this month

    Any previous bans you got with reasons why:

    No I never got banned

    Explain why you will be a great addition to the staff: I will because iam always on 1-4+ hours a day. Some times iam going to be sick,on a vacation, bussy, trips outside the country, exames, etc...... And i also want to help people when they start. Like commands, Rpg, How it works, What u need to do, Etc..... I also know about this server alot even tho It seems like iam new because i already have completed the server RPG world 2 times before some resets (3-2 years ago) with now it is going to be 3 so, I already understand how it works. Thanks!

    Thanks For reading this post! Hope fully i didnt waste ur time! Thanks! :)
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