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Discussion in 'Staff/Helper Applications [Old/Archived Apps]' started by Usama619, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Usama619

    Usama619 Guest

    Hello my fellow Minecraft player...Welcome to my Helper Application for Worldcraft (PixelLegends).

    Since LeGenDaryX never posted a layout I will make my own and hope that it works out.

    IGN: Usama619

    RN: Usama

    Age: 15

    Time: MST (Mountian Time -7)

    What time am I on: I am on 4-5 days a week atleast and play around 4-5 hours when I'm on...a bit longer on weekends as expected

    How long have you played on Worldcraft: I've been played on this server since around 2010-2011 but back then with another acct that got hacked D:

    What position are you aiming for?:

    Preferably Moderator, though, I would take a lower ranked position if offered like helper.

    What makes you think you should be a helper?: Well since you asked I think I deserve helper because I enjoy helping people, I can be mature about serious issues and will help anyone who need to know something important like claiming areas or what to do if someone scammed them or people that need help with plugins (most often issue). And it's not like I'm new to helper rank... I've been a proud helper on "AltairCraft" and know how helping people is my job. So I'm pretty experienced in this field.

    When, and why would you kick, or jail someone?: If they are being disrespectful, using inappropriate or crude language, asking for op or items and basically disobeying the rules. But only after I've given the player at least 2 warnings.And if they're insulting harshly for no good reason and i would do so if they persisted to do so even when instructed not to or if they were hacking and refused to turn their hacks off. Advertising,major spam also has zero tolerance in my eyes.

    Do you have skype? If so would you be willing to talk to other staff?: Yes I do have skype. I would be very willing to talk to staff all the time.

    If someone needed help how exactly would you satisfy them?: Just to be very patient with them and to help them guide through something that they are struggling with. You must be fair to them if they don't understand something and to go through something with them step by step on how to do what they need to do. I would also make sure that you don't speak to them like you are in a rush to do something as they might not fully pick up what you are talking about so you must explain to them in clear text and to add detail that isn't complicated so they understand you. Talking to them in a way that treats them as equals but also gets your point across will help them understand what you are saying and will help work out any problems. I would also tell them that, if needed, they can ignore the member pestering and to talk to a staff, who are willing to help out.

    What rank are you currently?: Member and proud :D ...almost Veteran too.

    Anything else?: I'm really looking forward to be helpful to member of Worldcraft by being a helper. Also I'm into mini games and stuff like that and in the future I may/will suggest a couple of them for the server...and if I get a chance I can also help make them. I also have a good understanding/chillness with the staff and a bit with the admins but I'm trying my best. (‐^▽^‐)
  2. DavidSausage

    DavidSausage Guest

    Nice application :)

    Good luck :p
  3. Usama619

    Usama619 Guest

    Thx hope it works :)
  4. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

    :3 nice layout mine is a bit messy xD
  5. Usama619

    Usama619 Guest

    Thx....looking at other apps I think I may've done a bit more...well my ocd kicks in sometimes : P
  6. LeGenDaryX

    LeGenDaryX Guest

    Accepted as helper! :p
  7. Usama619

    Usama619 Guest

    Thx. its funny i was having a very crappy weak (got suspended for 5 days although i was framed for something) then i check randomly and my app got accepted...atleast i have somthing to be happy bout :D
  8. DmasterD

    DmasterD Guest

    Congratulations :D
  9. chinese_Yeli

    chinese_Yeli Guest

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