Vote Links

Vote Links:

Each vote gives you:
$400 + 3Diamonds + 5TNT + 1GoldApple + 1000 Heroes Class & Proffession EXP + 1 Magical Item!
You will also get milestone and lucky rewards which give even bigger rewards!

1. Planetminecraft
2. Minestatus
3. MC-server-list
4. MC-Servers
6. mc-mp
7. MC-Servers
8. MC-Index

PlanetMinecraft Page:

If you give us a DIAMOND on our PlanetMinecraft page you will be able to get the VETERAN rank (worth 245k) for free!
Make an application for that at: Veteran Application

1. Planetminecraft Page

Donation Store:

1. Donate Store

(If you wanna help our server for FREE, click on some of those ads down there, can be done daily! :P <3 )

Feb 10, 2017
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