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  8. Milla Tracy
    Milla Tracy LeGenDaryX
    Nitrocut burning The element is this additionally way that your capacity to create muscle is drastically reduced That is why you absolutely can't assemble muscle AND lose fats on the identical time (except you're under the have a ..
  9. GrindMaster
    GrindMaster LeGenDaryX
    ehm this is too unfair my 7 man survival team cant enter the end for soulbound gears bec snek/skjorn claimed every portal! please unclaim it or claim it yourself pleaseeeeeeee
    1. LeGenDaryX
      Its gonna be fixed.
      Jul 27, 2017
  10. zocius
    uhh for the time i can't join the server ???
  11. xion012
    xion012 LeGenDaryX
    Help me i cant log in please
  12. xion012
    xion012 LeGenDaryX
    Legendaryx i need help i am at server right now i cant logon
  13. xion012
    I cant login the game dont know why
  14. LeGenDaryX
  15. LeGenDaryX
    Working on the new update
  16. FreDTheBreD
    FreDTheBreD SnekSter
    Communism. AKA Thomas
  17. emre2010
    emre2010 LeGenDaryX
    server down and prison server not works
  18. chinese_Yeli
  19. LeGenDaryX
  20. chinese_Yeli